HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat

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Hi Vis Waistcoat

Product Code: HVW100 Brand: Yoko

Colours: View as List

HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Black colour imageBlack
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Orange colour imageHi Vis Orange
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Black colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Black
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Green colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Green
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Lime colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Lime
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Orange colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Orange
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Purple colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Purple
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Raspberry colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Raspberry
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Red colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Red
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi Vis Yellow / Royal Blue colour imageHi Vis Yellow / Royal Blue
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi-Vis Yellow colour imageHi-Vis Yellow
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Hi-Vis Yellow / Navy colour imageHi-Vis Yellow / Navy
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Lime colour imageLime
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Maroon colour imageMaroon
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Navy Blue colour imageNavy Blue
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Paramedic Green colour imageParamedic Green
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Pink colour imagePink
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Purple colour imagePurple
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Raspberry colour imageRaspberry
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Red colour imageRed
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Royal colour imageRoyal
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Sapphire colour imageSapphire
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat Sky colour imageSky
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat White colour imageWhite
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Size Guide

  • Hi-vis Yellow, Orange, Yellow/Orange, Royal Blue, Lime and Red yoke conform to EN471 Class 2
  • All other colours provide enhanced visibility in all kinds of environments
  • 100% Polyester fabric with Velcro® fastening
  • Two 5cm width reflective tapes around the body and one over each shoulder
  • Also available in children's, code HVW100CH
HVW100 Hi Vis Waistcoat secondary Image

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