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  • It's Quicker - We can deliver an entire years order in as little as 48 hours
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1. Pick a back print

(don’t worry, you can change these later)

Border 24 back print large

Border 24

College 24 back print large

College 24

Block 24 back print large

Block 24

Jumbled 24 back print large

Jumbled 24

Graduation 24 back print large

Graduation 24

Classic 24 back print large

Classic 24

Leavers 2024 A back print large

Leavers 2024 A

Big 2024 back print large

Big 2024

Portraits and Signatures back print large

Portraits and Signatures

Signatures 24 back print large

Signatures 24

Leavers 2024 B back print large

Leavers 2024 B

Custom Shape back print large

Custom Shape


2. Pick a front design

Logo Print back print large

Logo Print

Embroidery back print large


Text Print back print large

Text Print

Large Front Print back print large

Large Front Print


3. Custom Names (optional)

Back Print back print large

Back Print

Sleeve Print back print large

Sleeve Print

Small Front Embroidery back print large

Small Front Embroidery

Small Front Print back print large

Small Front Print


4. Choose your Garment(s)

W72 Hoodie


"Our best selling hoodie, premium quality at low price"

W72K Kids Hoodie


"The kids version of our best selling hoodie"

CR01 Basic Hoodie


"Our lowest priced hoodie, great if you're on a budget"

W89PF Ultra Premium Hoodie


"A high street quality hoodie, based on Superdry's® garments"

W88 Zip Hoodie


"Our best zip selling hoodie, premium quality at low price"

W73 Contrast Hoodie


"Same fabric as our best selling hoodie with a contrasting hoodie and draw cords"

W73K Kids Contrast Hoodie


"Same fabric as our best selling hoodie, only kids sized"

W81PF Ultra Premium Zip Hoodie


"A high street quality hoodie, based on Superdry's® garments"


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How to Personalise Your School or University Leavers’ Hoodies

Yazzoo has over 30 years of experience supplying schools with the very finest leavers’ hoodies. With us, creating your own personalised leavers’ hoodies couldn’t be easier. Choose your own designs, add your logo and we’ll work our screenprinting and embroidery magic.

Screen Printing

Our expert team has heaps of combined experience that ensures the highest quality product, no matter how detailed or complex your print design is. Fancy a leavers’ hoodie with names in ultra-high clarity, carefully and consistently arranged in the shape of the year “24”? No problem. Our custom name pricing is also surprisingly cheap, so you can get that personal touch without the hefty price tag!


A school crest looks classy on the left chest of your hoodies. We can turn almost any image into a high-quality embroidered design, and our state-of-the-art embroidery machines will faithfully stitch it into your leavers’ jumpers.

Yazzoo: An Online Shop with a Difference
To enquire about setting up an online shop click here

We know that shopping for bulk personalised clothing can be a headache, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to make your experience simpler and easier than ever. Our online shop is your one-stop shop for getting the perfect leavers’ hoodies. We’ll take your order, process your payment and ship your leavers’ hoodies to you on the date you choose. It’s the hassle-free way to order.

Set up Your Own Shop

You can set up your own free online shop with Yazzoo to sell your leavers’ clothing. We take all the orders and payments and handle all the admin on your behalf before shipping your leavers’ hoodies to you in bulk — it’s the easy way to let students purchase their own clothing. Why not find out more about setting up your own Yazzoo shop?

Bulk Discounts

If you want to handle your leavers’ hoodie orders yourself, we’ve got you covered too. We offer incredible bulk discounts, so the more you buy, the better price you get!

Free Print Artwork Setup

Unlike our competitors, we will arrange all the names in the numbers completely free of charge and before you pay a penny. Fill in your details above and send us the names you need to get your free artwork setup.

Free Samples

We’re so confident in the quality of our leavers’ hoodies that we will even send you a free sample of a previously printed or embroidered hoodie so you can see why Yazzoo hoodies are better than the competition. Fill in your details to get your quote and send us your address to receive your free sample.

Got questions? We’re here to help! Use the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to get instant answers to your questions from our expert customer service team.

Sell Your Items Through an

Online Shop

Sell Your Garments Online Through Our Webshop Platform


Our online shops are a great way to take the effort and strain of organising a bulk order away from you.

We can either deliver each item individually to each customer or do a single bulk delivery on one date to one address for free.



Reduce Your Stress
  • We take the Orders
  • We answer your buyers questions
  • We take the payments
Save Money
  • Each Item is Made to Order
  • No Need to estimate how much stock to buy
  • All Shops are Free to Set Up
Make Money
  • Choose what you want to sell you clothing for
  • You can either sell at cost, or add a bit on to make a profit
  • We send you commission on every sale at the end of each month
Reduce Your Risk
  • Mistakes sometimes happen - every person orders their own clothing on the shop so it's their responsibility to get it right
  • All payments are taken securely online so theres no risk of getting short changed

How Does it Work?

  1. Choose a product and get a get a quote on the page, selecting "I want to set up a Shop"
  2. Upload your designs and add any more produts you'd like to add
  3. Fill in the form at the bottom of the quote and click set up shop. We will email within a working day with any questions and set up your shop link.
  4. Once you have approved everything, we make your shop live and let you know it's good to accept orders
  5. If you are having them delivered in bulk we will close down the shop 2 weeks before delivery
  6. Bulk Orders are packed individually with the order confirmation printed out with them so you can easily match it up to the buyer at your end
  7. After we close down a bulk shop we change the items to individual delivery so any stragglers can still order

To get item prices, choose a garment you like from here and select "I want to Set Up a Shop" as your estimated order quantity.

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