Cookie Policy

Yazzoo Personalised Clothing's website uses cookies to temporarily store information vital for functionality. Information is stored in RAM (temporary memory) inside a "session" object, for the duration of the session that the user is on the website for. A session lasts for as long as the user is using the website, and for 20 minutes after the user has become inactive, upon which point the session is terminated and the cookie is no longer used.

This information is only available to our server for the user that is on that session. It is not accessible to other user's or to Yazzoo Personalised Clothing.

Here is a list of objects that we store in the temporary session object:

  • Session Id: A randomly generated string that can be used to distinguish sessions
  • The last product viewed by the user
  • The user's customer data
  • The user's current order
  • What version of the website the customer is on (e.g: if we are running an experiment or if the user is viewing a shop we are hosting)

Why do we do this?

If we can store objects in the RAM in session objects, we don't need to keep reloading the data from a database, which means we can provide a much quicker and seamless website experience for the user.

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