How to Order

1. Choose your first garment

Choose a garment that you feel will meet the criteria of what you want.

Use our handy descriptions to help guide your choice.

Choose the main garment in your order first; you can change or add more garments later

2. Choose your design positions

Use the drop down boxes to add your designs. At this point we just need to know if you want your design printed or embroidered, if its a logo or text, and if the text will be different or the same on each garment.

Additionally, for a printed logo, we need to know if the print will be a 1 colour, 2 colour or multicolour print. If you logo is a multicolour logo, but you only want us to print it in one colour, please select this option. We can reduce it to a one colour logo for you later

3. Enter your details

We need these to be able to show you the price. Also any notes you have on the order will be picked up by our design team and our sales team to help guide you with your order.

4. Check out your quote

Here you have the ability to play around with your price and try out a few options. Anything with this colour text can be changed to affect your price. This can include changing your estimated order quantity, changing your garments, and changing your design options.

You also have the ability to add additional garments to your order here; and additional designs. You can also come back to this page at any time, through a link we’ll email to you.

Click here to see our handy guide to choosing the options that are right for you

5. Add your garments to your order

Add the sepcific colours and sizes of the garment of your choice to your order.

You can edit the colours and quantities at any point up until you have placed your order.

6. Upload your logo's and enter your text

Dependant on what design types you have chosen, you’ll need to upload your logo here, and/or choose what text you want on your garments.

You also have the ability to put some notes here to send to our designers, who will work to these instructions when creating your artwork to be approved.

You’ll notice that the garment layout will change as you add your logos and change your text to give you a rough idea of how the garments will look. However, our designers will send through a final visual after you have ordered for you to sign off. You are allowed to make as many changes to this visual until you are happy with the design. It is very ijmportant to us that you receive exactly what you want.

7. Place your order and register

Once you’ve finalised your order, click the order now button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can log in to your account or register as a new customer.

8. Review your order and pay

You can then review your order in the basket, and checkout. You can request a delivery date here. If you ask for a date that is earlier than our standard turnaround, then we might need to ask you for more money for an express charge. This will be done after you have placed your order.

Next, choose a delivery address and place your order. You can choose either to pay up front by card or pay later. If you want to pay later you can pay by card, bank transfer or cheque. We will send you the details for this.

9. Artwork approval

Our designers will use the artwork you’ve sent us and created on our site to create a full visual of how your garments will look for you to approve.

We’ll recommend the sizes and colours and which to print/embroider. If you have anything you want to change about anything, now’s the time!

10. Receive your garments

Once artwork is confirmed we start making your garments. They are shipped out at the end of your lead time. They are sent via courier to the delivery address required, so someone will need to be there to sign for them.

You will receive an email the evening before delivery to let you know they are being sent out.

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