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Online Shop

Sell Your Garments Online Through Our Webshop Platform

Sell Your Garments Online Through Our Webshop Platform

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Avoid Holding Stock

There’s no need to order plenty of garments for potential future orders. We print & embroider to each individual order, so there’s no risk in holding dead stock that takes years to shift

We Take the Orders

Reduce your admin time by letting us take all the order information. You’d have to send us the info in the end, anyway, so how about cutting out the middle man and making it easy for yourself?

We answer the questions

Each shop has our contact details on, and our sales team will reply to the questions asked within one working day, so you don’t have to answer a gazillion different people’s worries.

We handle the payments

Our secure online payment system takes all the payments, so you don’t have to keep track of who has paid, who is still to pay, have they paid the right amount etc etc etc....


The online garments can be personalised in a number of locations with custom text. You can decide which positions you want to make available and each individual customer can choose their own text when they order

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