Printing Techniques

There are many ways to print a garment

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Choosing the most suitable method for your print can be a bit tricky. That's why our expert design technicians will pick out the process that will make your clothing look perfect. Check them out here:

Screen Printing

Printing ink is pushed through a screen, which contains stencil shape of your design, one colour at a time, onto your garment. Screen printing is great for bulk orders, as once the screens are set up and the inks are mixed to the correct colours, the garments can be produced quickly and efficiently. We normally use it for orders of over 500 pieces.

Screen Printed Transfers

This is the same process as screen printing, but we print onto a transfer material first instead of the garment, and a glue is applied to the back of the ink. This allows us to produce multiple designs onto one transfer material at a time. We then cut the individual prints up before heat sealing the ink into the garment by melting the glue. This allows us to produce the quality of screen print across multiple, smaller orders. Clever, huh?

Vinyl Printing

No setup time, strong opaque colouring and invariably reliable results make vinyl printing great for producing simple prints quickly. The vinyl is cut out using a vector plotter cutter, and then heat sealed into the garment.

We tend to use it on smaller orders and for producing custom names and numbers.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is great for reproducing high detail multicolour images in amazing quality. A CMYK water based ink reproduction of the image is printed onto a transfer material and glue is applied to the back of it. Much like screen print transfers, we can then heat seal the glue into the garment, which applies the print.

We use it for photos and other complex multicolour images, particularly if they contain gradients or shading effects.

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