Top tips to make your brand stand out with personalised clothing

Thursday 03 June 2021 by Sophie Hainsworth

At Yazzoo we have over 30 years of experience printing personalised clothing for brands of all sizes. So whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a large business we are on hand with helpful tips to make your garments stand out. 

So what should you be considering when designing custom clothing? Here’s some of our top tips to make your personalised garments stand out from the crowd. 

Make it eye catching

Your branded clothing will often be seen from afar. Your brand should be immediately obvious and large prints coupled with eye catching designs will make you stand out. By using bright and bold colours you can be sure no one will miss your brand. 

Don’t have the exact artwork you need for this? Don’t worry, we may be able to redraw or edit your artwork when you send it to us to ensure your clothing will look amazing.  

Make it year round

By focusing on clothing which can be worn all year round you can ensure your brand gets the most exposure possible. What better than a comfortable hoodie to showcase your brand? 

They have the advantage of being worn and visible throughout the year and offering printing on the front and back of the garment. 

Make it simple

When it comes to branding it’s often the case that less is more. Having an impact comes from striking designs, but this isn’t to be confused with busy designs. It’s not necessary to complicate designs to make them recognisable and effective. Just think of some of the most powerful brands such as Nike or Apple. 

Ensure any text with your logo is clear and easy to read and aim to use just 2-3 colours for your logo. 

Make it high quality 

The main reason personalised clothing doesn’t get worn? It’s poor quality, either in terms of the artwork or the materials. When making custom garments you have to make them desirable, otherwise they don’t get worn. Cutting corners with quality may lead to wasted products and spend for your business. 

Not only this, but you want your brand to be associated with a high quality experience by having high quality items. 

How we can help 

With over 30 years of expertise and the highest quality screen printing and embroidery equipment, we make sure that your artwork is reproduced at the highest quality, creating professional retail quality garments.

By offering no minimum order we are on hand to help out, whatever the size of your business! Why not check out our customer reviews to see what our customers think. 

For a quote or to discuss your requirements please email us on and explore our product ranges here:


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