How To Care For Your Personalised Printed Clothing

Monday 03 February 2020 (modified Wednesday 10 November 2021) by Robert Joyce

The feeling of watching the design on your favourite printed personalised t-shirt or hoodie after just a few washes and wears can be pretty disheartening! Especially after the time, effort and money required to produce it.

Different factors can contribute to the durability of the design such as the garment type, however, by caring for the garment correctly the vibrant appearance, can be maintained and you’ll be able to wear your garment for longer and enjoy your design for the lifetime of the garment. Here are a few tips we have put together to help!

1. Turn the garment inside out!

When washing and ironing your personalised clothing, this is a great and simple trick that can be used to help preserve any prints. It also helps to protect the vibrancy of the colour of the dye in the fabric. Washing them inside out adds an extra layer of shielding, and can double the lifetime of your garment.

2. Use cold water when washing the garment.

Cold water is highly effective for washing your clothes unless you require hot water to help disinfect them. Hot water is a lot harsher on the garment and will harm the printed graphic. 

3. Wash similar clothes together.

Ensure that you separate your whites, colours and darks as the last thing you want is for the colours to run into each other and change the colour of your printed design.

4. Avoid using bleach

We highly recommend that you completely avoid using bleach on your garments. Instead of using strong detergents, opt for something mild.

5. Avoid using a hot dryer

Setting your dryer to the highest heat setting when drying your personalised clothing is one of the biggest mistakes as it not only can cause the garment to shrink; they can make the print crack or peel. Another option is to allow the garment to air dry, as it preserves the print and colour for longer as well as avoids shrinkage.

 These tips have never failed us when caring for our garments. Once you create your personalised clothing, be sure to use them to keep your garments in top shape for longer.


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