• Keeps you warm and dry in cold conditions,Fits like a second skin,Regulates Body temprature,Fabric is lightweight, soft and dries quickly,
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Colours Available:

RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Black colour imageBlack
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Green colour imageGreen
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Light Blue colour imageLight Blue
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Navy colour imageNavy
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Pink colour imagePink
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Red colour imageRed
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Royal colour imageRoyal
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS White colour imageWhite
RH003B KIDS BASE LAYER SHORTS Yellow colour imageYellow

Step 2: Choose Your Design Positions

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Left Thigh

Left Thigh

Right Thigh

Right Thigh

Step 3: Enter your total estimated order quantity to see your instant quote:

Estimated Order Quantity*:
For Quantities above 1000 please contact us directly here so we can give you our best possible price

Print or Embroidery? ×


Printing is the process of using ink to recreate an image

Choose print if:
  1. You're on a budget (it's cheaper)
  2. You need them quickly (it's faster)
  3. Your design has high detail or small text
  4. You require a gradient
  5. You require a very specific colour palette
  6. To learn more about what printing techniques we use, click here


Embroidery is the art of using threads to recreate a design or text

Choose embroidery if:
  1. You don't mind paying a little extra
  2. Your design doesn't have very fine detail, small text, or gradients
  3. You want that prestigious high quality embroidery look and feel
  4. You need the design to be extremely hard wearing
  5. To learn more about the embroidery process, click here

Your Estimated Order Quantity ×

Bulk Ordering

• Set your estimated order quantity to a number range (e.g: 10 - 19) to order in bulk.

• The price shown is the per item price for each garment.

• The quantity range you should choose should be that for the entire order, not just the total for this garment.

The larger your order, the better the unit price we can do for you on the products.

Set up an online shop

Select "I want to set up a Shop" to set up a quote for shop prices

• You can make money by choosing to add commission to your orders.

• We set up a shop link for you to send to your customers/organisation to order your products from individually, taking all the stress of organising a bulk order away from you.

Send your customers/organisation the link and they can choose their product, colour and size online, and pay securely.

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