How can I improve my quote?

1. Increase the quantity

Every order we do requires a bit of admin and set up for us to produce. Additionally, we can make each garment more quickly, on average, when you order more. We pass these savings onto you, so the more you order, the cheaper each garment becomes.

2. Change the designs

As a general rule, print is cheaper than embroidery, and smaller designs are cheaper than bigger designs. 1 colour prints are cheaper than 2 colour prints, which are cheaper than muticolour prints (our design team can help you reduce the colours so don’t worry about that)

Try playing around with different ways of decorating your garments to find the design that’s right for you.

3. Change your garments

Different garments cost different amounts. Our handy “from prices”, displayed on the garment pages will give you an indication of which ones are cheaper.

We’ve picked out the best value garments in our industry, so although the cheaper garments aren’t as good quality as the more expensive ones, they are still great value for money.

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