Enhance your University experience with personalised hoodies

Sunday 10 October 2021 (modified Friday 24 November 2023) by Robert Joyce

At Yazzoo Personalised Clothing, our speciality is personalised hoodies. Our selection of hoodies, from cheap hoodies to premium ultra high-quality hoodies, are all expertly made using the highest quality fabrics and most innovative printing and embroidery technologies. 

To celebrate societies, teams and Universities this month we are offering a 10% discount on personalised hoodies until the end of October by using the code FRESHERS21 at the checkout. Whether you’re a society, a team or planning a University trip - we are able to provide custom hoodies to suit your needs. 

Why have a society hoodie?

Whether you are a music or judo society we’re sure your society is something you’re passionate about. Whatever your passion is we can customise our hoodies and help you promote your society!

Having society hoodies can improve team spirit and morale. Not to mention, if you’re taking photos or part in a competition you will stand out from the crowd and be memorable. 

Don’t forget, promoting your society or University team on your hoodie and wearing it around can also attract new members and interest from fellow students and new freshers. 

Which hoodie?

Now it’s time to design your own hoodie! At Yazzoo Personalised Clothing we have an extensive range of hoodies available from different colours, styles and for any budgets. As well as choosing between zip-up hoodies and pullovers we have a range of options for you from basic options to premium or Fair Trade hoodies. 

Pullovers can allow more freedom for printing areas and are great for those winter months, whereas a zip-up is great for layering and style. 

Explore our extensive range of personalised hoodies now to find your perfect team hoodies. 

How should I personalise my hoodie?

When it comes to customize your hoodie, the main choice is whether to go with embroidery or hoodie printing. 

Embroidery creates a classic and quality feel. It’s a great way to show off a University society logo and keep an authentic touch to the garment. 

Screen printing is a great way to personalise a large order of society hoodies, when you need them quickly. With our printing capacity at Yazzoo we can quickly screen print high quality hoodies for large orders. Consider where to print - we can accommodate the chest, back and also the sleeves of hoodies to maximise your message. 

Can I set up a shop so my society can order directly with you?

For the larger orders you may want to set up an online shop for your group which means you can customise our hoodie designs and let members buy them directly from the website. 

Online shops are a great way to remove the effort of organising bulk orders as we can deliver items individually to customers or in one bulk delivery. This low stress option leaves the ordering and questions to us, as well as the payment collection. The shops are free to set up and are easy to use if you’re not sure how many items you need!

Not only this but you can add a markup if you wish. Find out more about setting up an online shop now. 

How we can help 

At Yazzoo we have over 30 years of experience printing personalised clothing for brands of all sizes. So whether you’re a niche society or a large one we are on hand with helpful tips to make your society hoodies fit for purpose. 

By offering no minimum order we are on hand to help out, whatever the size of your society! Why not check out our customer reviews to see what our customers think. 

Don’t forget we are offering a 10% discount on personalised hoodies until the end of October by using the code FRESHERS21 at the checkout.

For a quote or to discuss your requirements please email us on sales@yazzoo.co.uk


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