How To Create The Perfect Logo

Monday 17 February 2020 (modified Wednesday 10 November 2021) by Robert Joyce

Your logo is essential in communicating your brand values effectively and helping you to stand out from competitors. It is a visual representation of your identity and therefore has a significant impact on your customer’s first impression. Getting your logo right is essential as it will be present on your website, social media, marketing material and packaging.

Leap and be brave.

Don’t be afraid to do something different! That’s the best way to stand out from your competitors!! Take a leap, be brave and create the perfect logo to represent your brand/business.

Don’t over complicate it

Keep it simple; it’s not necessary to have an overly complex design for it to be recognisable and effective. When creating a logo if you would like to have text incorporated, try sticking to just one font type that is clear and easy to read. When you think of some of the most powerful brands in the world, such as Nike, Apple, McDonald's, they all have very simple logos.

Make it adaptable 

When designing your logo, you must keep the final result in mind, remember your logo will be used in various ways to promote your brand. It will appear on your website and your social media channels. On printed marketing such as business cards and even on personalised clothing & uniform.

As your logo will be used in these different formats, you must test that the design is just as effective on a small scale as it is on a large. If your logo has multiple colours, we advise that you run a test to make sure that it works well in different environments, on different coloured backgrounds and it is just as effective in black and white.

For personalised clothing, there are a few different things to bear in mind, when considering adaptability, as different designs can be more effective printed than embroidered. If you want to keep it cheap, make sure you create a one colour version as often when printing garments the price increases with the number of colours in the design. If your logo contains visual effects and fine details, then print would be the better option as this method is not as rigid embroidery. Embroidery is the preferred option for corporate needs as it adds a level of prestige and grandeur. Be sure to check out our previous post for advice on why embroidery could be the best option for you.

Get Creative 

Now that we have equipped you with these essential tips on how to create the perfect logo. Start brainstorming and get creative!!


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