5 Custom Clothing Ideas for an Awesome Hen Party

Sunday 03 November 2019 (modified Wednesday 10 November 2021) by Robert Joyce

Hen dos are a rite of passage for all brides-to-be. A fabulous chance to get the whole girl gang together for one final blowout before the big day, it’s a bittersweet celebration that kicks off the wedding festivities. And although all hen dos share some basic commonalities — the shots, the wacky outfits, the phallic paraphernalia — all hen dos are unique; after all, there’s no one else quite like those in your squad. So why not get a bit personal? 

Personalised hen do clothing and accessories are an easy and fun way of taking your hen do to the next level. Whether you’re the maid of honour charged with the hen party organisations or a bride just looking for a bit of light relief from the stresses of wedding planning, here are our top picks for personalising your hen do! 

1. Personalised Hen Do T-Shirts

Decking your squad out in personalised t-shirts emblazoned with cute nicknames and (not so cute) phallic imagery is a bonafide tradition. The traditional hen do t-shirt is popular for good reason. Whether you’re wearing them en route to the celebrations or decked out in full hen do regalia for a night on the town, personalised t-shirts are a classic and effortless way to add a distinct touch to your night. 

For the ultimate hen do personalised t-shirt, get creative & have fun with the colour and design. We’ve seen our fair share of awesome designs, but some of our favourites involve printing personalised images onto the front chest in place of the usual cursively written text. You don’t have to bring in the professionals, either — when it comes to personalised hen do t-shirts, the weirder the drawings, the better. It’s more a case of weird, wacky and often borderline offensive caricatures than Michelangelo-style realism!  

2. Personalised Hen Do Hoodies 

Recent research shows that more happy hens are opting to travel to cheaper and sunnier destinations — including the likes of Lisbon, Bucharest, Prague and Madrid — for their big blowout, tempted by budget-friendly prices and the prospect of getting away from the daily grind and really letting their hair down. And we wouldn’t blame you — with cheap flights and awesome hotel deals, travelling with your hens is a great way of getting in some proper girl time before married life begins. 

If you’re planning a trip for your hen do, you’re going to need something to wear on the plane, coach or boat (or helicopter — you never know), and personalised hoodies are just the ticket. Warm and fleecy and slouchy yet stylish, the hoodie is the ultimate travel garment. Add a dash of personalisation, a few silly names and the date and location of the hen do, and you’ve got yourself a personalised hoodie-come-memento of the great escape. Bonus: they’re also great for slouching around the morning after the night before when you’re feeling a little worse for wear! 

3. Personalised Hen Do Joggers 

Hands up if you’ve ever donned a pair of “juicy couture” joggers. There’s no shame in it — this naughty velour must-have was once the ultimate statement piece for the likes of Paris Hilton and a young Kim Kardashian, and they’re making a comeback. 

Sure, you may not normally wear a pair of these brash tracksuits in your daily life, but a hen do is all about the kitsch and playful. Ideal for both pre-party preparations and post-party recoveries, personalised joggers are a unique way of marking the raucous fun of the hen do. Go for a simple design with your nickname across your bum and the bride’s name on the leg, and you’ve got yourself a decent pair of joggers to wear on your lazy days. 

4. Personalised Hen Do Towels and Dressing Gowns 

Today, hen dos aren’t all willy straws and tequila shots — for the more low-key brides-to-be out there, a spa holiday or wellness day with the clan is a great alternative (or addition) to a wild night. There’s something about getting all the girls together and indulging in some well-deserved R&R that just can’t be beaten. 

Alongside the obligatory lotions and potions, indulge in style with personalised towels and dressing gowns. An elegant take on a hen do personalised get-up, these are items that you can use again and again. Go for something simple and classic, like the name of the bridal crew and the date on the towel or your nickname on the breast of your robe, then add a freaky face mask and click away for some Instagram-worthy snaps! 

5. Personalised Hen Do Bags

What’s a party without a goody bag? Whether it’s filled with paracetamols and coke cans or party hats and festive treasures, you’re going to need something to put your stuff in, and personalised hen do bags are a perfect choice. Think of them as the icing on the hen do cake; a fun and playful memento that doubles up as a bag for life. Saving banging heads and the environment at the same time — sign us up! 

Browse our full collection of personalised t-shirts, hoodies, bags and more and personalise your hen do to the max — because there’s no one quite like you and your squad.


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