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5 Easy Steps to Getting Your School Leavers Hoodies

Sunday 03 November 2019 (modified Tuesday 07 January 2020) by Rickeal Newell

Are you set to leave school, college or university soon? Are you looking to mark your time and honour your memories? Look no further than a leavers hoodie. A symbol of institutional spirit, these wearable mementos are the ultimate way to pay homage to the most formative times in your life — the memories, the friendships, the hard work! Combining comfort and nostalgia into one comfy, cosy and snuggly highly wearable item, it’s a rite of passage for all students.

In this post, we break down how to design and order your perfect leavers hoodie with Yazzoo. 

1. Create Your Design 

Your first step to getting your awesome leavers hoodie is to select your design. There’s no right or wrong way to design a leavers hoodie. If you feel creative nothing is stopping you going off-the-beaten-track and creating something unique — but most leavers’ hoodies will follow a more traditional template. 

At Yazzoo, we make the designing process as simple as possible. Just select between the following leavers hoodie templates

Design on the Back

It used to be that on leaving day people use to brandish a pen and scrawl their names and messages on each others school uniform. Although this was a fun an idiosyncratic way of personalising clothing, nowadays it's more commonplace to have a custom clothing company like Yazzoo arrange everyone's name into the shape of the leaving year and professionally screen print them onto the back of some leavers hoodies.

The iconic names in a number design on your hoodie have become the ultimate way of saying “I woz there” and with Yazzoo you can choose how you want those names arranged. Here are the most common designs: 

We can even provide you with a free sample of what your hoodie will look like so that you can find the perfect design for you and your friends. 

The School Logo 

Leaving school can be overwhelming. Some students will miss the camaraderie of the classroom, others the regularity of the school routine. Then there will be those who miss spending their days learning the most. Whatever particular aspect of school you’ll miss, leaving school is emotional. After all, there are few other places in the world where you’re surrounded by such a tight-knit community of people of the same age and background — and few other times in your life that are as formative or significant. 

So pay homage to the place that provided you with the friends and memories and emblazon your school logo or symbol on your leavers hoodie. Most leavers will opt to showcase their school logo by placing it on the breast. Choose between: 

  • Embroidered 
  • Text print 
  • Small logo print 
  • Large front print 

We use only the most innovative and high-quality printing and embroidery technology so no matter how intricate, ornate or colourful your logo, we’ve got you covered. 

Your Custom Name

You change throughout your life. At every stage and with every new experience you have and the new friends you make, you change and transform — and that’s a great thing. But you never want to forget who you were. So why not add your name or nickname to your hoodie to remind you every time you wear it of the person that you were at school?

Choose between a back print, sleeve print, small front embroidery or small front print. 

2. Select Your Base Hoodie